Text message marketing, virtual phone numbers, URL redirects and web chat do not have to be complicated and difficult to achieve. United Mail has developed United ConnectTM, an innovative system that lets you integrate and manage multiple communication channels — all in one platform.

United Connect is an online portal where you can create and see your QR code, call tracking, and SMS texting response rate and customer base. QR codes can be embedded into direct mail pieces, which can lead to a PURL. Users can opt-in to your mobile marketing plan to receive updates and special offers. Phone numbers are included on the mail piece, each number leading to a different location to track customer response. A combination of United Connect and personalized direct mail is a great example of an innovative integrated marketing communications campaign.

SMS Text

Reaching customers via text is the closest thing in an information-overloaded digital world to a guaranteed read. 95-98% of all consumer read texts with minutes of receipt. Customers can opt-in to the text listserv, already showing their interest in the product. You can send out regular texts offering deals and informing them of events, while tracking the ROI. Mobile coupons are ten times more likely to be redeemed than traditional coupons in today’s age. When customers show you deal offers on their phone, you’ll have hard evidence that proves your mobile marketing plan is effective.

“Thanks for all your attention to detail. I look forward to working with you in

the future.”

– Beech Acres

Call Tracking

Tracking response is one thing, but tracking it by the actual mail piece to the phone number of the sender is quite another. Using our phone number virtual “aliases” you’ll also be able to track all aspects of the call such as the source, and the duration. You can even listen to recorded conversations to adapt your approach more effectively. United Mail’s Phone Tracking software allows you to assign specific communication channels their own toll-free or local number. But don’t worry, these numbers route calls through to your well-established call center phone number, with no IT support necessary.

QR Codes

We have all seen those odd-looking, square symbols everywhere on ads, products and signs. They are called QR (quick response) codes and for years many QR codes have been used ineffectively. United Mail successfully uses personalized QR codes and PURLs to take the mobile users to a personalized landing page that contains relevant information to that particular recipient…therefore increasing response rates.

Marketers can utilize our United Connect platform to not only generate QR codes but to also manage and track the effectiveness of each QR code by showing traffic, clickthroughs, and scans.


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