E-Doc Management

Ensure data security and regulatory compliance. Cut customer service time in half by enabling your team to search and retrieve all client documents, including statements, EOB, marketing materials, service requests, usage – anything sent to your customer via mail or digital is accessible in this secure central electronic statement presentment database.


If your company is like most, your customer data lives in many places, including hard-to-integrate legacy systems. Get more convenient, searchable access to your customer data, while improving data security and compliance with United Mail’s electronic filing cabinet and e-presentment services.

Make retrieving documents a snap.

Give authorized service employees the ability to view, securely email, fax and print documents as needed based on categories you choose, such as name, I.D., date, or more.

Meet regulatory record-keeping requirements.

Streamline your reporting and safeguard your data to enhance your compliance. Our E-Doc Management system allows you to customize your report scheduling, distribution and user access levels.

Increase staff productivity.

Give your sales teams an easier way to pull reports into a number of convenient formats, including: data exports to XLS, CSV, or HTML formats. And encourage them to customize their own reports, while procedures are being finalized.

Electronic bill payment & presentment.

Give your customers a one-stop experience of viewing and paying bills online. Combined with our e-doc solution, your customer service responses are faster and your customers are more connected with your brand than ever before.

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