United Mail works every angle to get our customers the greatest postal discounts. Depending on what type of mail you are sending, where your mail needs to go, and how it needs to get there, we can reduce your costs further through co-palletizing and/or drop shipping.

Co-palletizing At-A-Glance: 
In Co-palletizing, bulk mail from different companies is combined on the same pallet going to the same destinations. The pallets are usually then entered into one of the USPS's National Distribution Centers (NDC) nationwide or into one of the Sectional Center Facilities (SCF).

Co-palletizing is for postal savings rather than for expedited delivery, so customers' whose in-home dates are not critical are prime candidates to benefit from this service. When combined with drop-shipping, customers realize the maximize postal discounts and most efficient deliveries.

Please have a sales associate contact me about Mail Co-mingling Services

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