Kit Assembly

When you have different components of a mail program produced by many vendors, they can all deliver to United Mail for hand assembly into final kits.  We can also help determine the most secure way and cost-efficient packaging solution.

Kit Assembly At-A-Glance: 
Kit Assembly involves the coordination and assembly of different components or parts into a kit and fulfillment of those kits to a distribution or mailing list.  Kits can assemble and ship on-demand, or be pre-assembled, inventoried and warehoused for future mailings.

United Mail offers a complete range of fulfillment services to make your project efficient and cost-effective.  If you are currently doing kit assembly in-house, consider getting a quote from United Mail to manage this process for you.  You may find that our competitive pricing will save you money --making your pricing more competitive.


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- Archdiocese of Cincinnati

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