We implement CASS Certified address matching software.  This software standardizes addresses and matches to the address ranges in the USPS database.  CASS is used in conjunction with DPV, a validation process that identifies mail that is undeliverable as addressed (UAA).  The LACS Link system further assures accuracy by providing the 911 conversion addresses (rural-style addresses are converted to city-style address).  Use of this technology qualifies us for additional postal discounts that we pass on to you.

CASS At-A-Glance: 
CASS "Coding Accuracy Support System" is a U.S. Postal Service administered methodology designed to continually improve the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP codes, ZIP+4 codes, carrier route codes and delivery point codes used on mail.

DPV At-A-Glance:
DPV System is one of the SnappCheck Address Management Technologies available in the CASS Certified software that helps validate that the delivery address has correct information or identifies inaccurate, incomplete, or bad addresses contained in the mailer's address files.  When used with corrective actions, the result is more deliverable mail.

LACS At-A-Glance:
LACS-Link system used by United Mail provide mailers with an automated method of obtaining new addresses for those that have been converted by local municipalities.

The bottom line is the more accurate your addresses are, the less costly your mailings (both from a financial and overall business standpoint).  United Mail is certified to give you the deepest postal discounts possible. 

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