Intelligent Inserting


A leading national property insurance provider who prints 8 million images per month and inserted manually into 150,000 flat size envelopes.  After inserting, the items were manually weighed and postage was applied.  The documents required updating with an automation barcode to eliminate the manual processing that required numerous programming hours as the forms originated from over 1000 different templates.

Analysis and Teamwork
A United Mail team was formed along with personnel from the insurer.  The team developed a custom barcode solution that could be applied as an overlay template for all documents.  Customized programming was then developed to read the special barcode and installed on United Mail flat size automated inserting equipment.  Automated meters were also implemented to create a one step automated process for inserting, sealing and metering.

Processing time was decreased by 52%.  Envelopes are entered into the USPS mail stream faster and delivered more timely to the recipient.  Estimated programming hours were virtually eliminated due to the form template overlay saving valuable IT time. 

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“The staff assigned to the job worked long and hard, yet maintained an attention to detail that was required to make the job a success. It’s been a pleasure working with United Mail.”

- Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

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