Postage Savings

Save big time on postage because you partner with a big time direct mail house. Realize average savings of 10-20% annually.


“United Mail is always on time with information that they promised. I truly appreciate your team’s commitment to being one of AMIG’s partners!”

– American Modern Insurance Group, Inc.

Managing mail in the workplace can be a hassle as well as very costly. United Mailing Services use the top of the line technology to commingle your mail with millions of pieces from other customers, saving you time and money.

Simplify a complex process.

First, we analyze your mail with the large volume of other mail pieces processed in our facilities. Next, we combine or “commingle” your mail with other mail with the same zip destinations. Finally, the commingled mail leaves our facilities to be delivered by the United States Postal Service.

Watch your savings add up.

Our service can save you up to nine cents per piece on standard and first class letters and up to 20 cents per flat letter. We’re efficient, too. Our presort machines instantly read your customer’s mail destinations, presorting 40,000 letters and 18,000 flat pieces per hour. That’s 11 pieces per second!

Send your mail to the right place every time, on time.

Our dedicated employees and effective machines make sure your mail gets where its going on time, every time. We drop ship your mail to the destination zip code which saves postage money and gets your mail delivered faster. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified to meet the industry’s highest quality standards. Our facilities also have U.S. Postal Service on site to make sure your mail gets out right away.

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