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Your ROI is in the Mail. 79% of consumers say they will act on Direct Mail immediately, only 45% say the same of Email. When you combine direct mail services with digital marketing tools, you will increase your response rates, reach more customers and improve revenue.

Do you remember the last direct mail piece you received?

What was memorable about it? Was it personal? Thought-provoking? Unexpected? If you’ve ever run a direct mail campaign, you know many things must come together to make it work. Make your next campaign your most successful, worry-free effort with direct mail services from United Mail, the premier mail house services provider in Louisville and Cincinnati.

Get the right message to the right customer, every time.

Personalize your message anywhere on your mail piece using our inkjet services. Our inserting technology uses your customers’ demographic information to place different inserts into each envelope, personalizing each letter for higher customer response. And we address over two million mail pieces a day, so you can count on us to have the workflows and horsepower to send your job out on time.

Increase trials of your product and build brand loyalty.

Give your customers a taste of your product. Use our affixing services to adhere items such as magnets, gift cards, coupons, and product samples to your marketing pieces.

Use customer data to lift response rates.

70% of consumers are more likely to open mail that contains variable data print in color text or graphics*. We can help you infuse customer data like purchase history, geography, and demographics into your direct mail pieces to lift responses.

*according to the Direct Marketing Association 

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