IP Marketing

Increase your response rates 30-60% by utilizing digital banner ads with your direct mail campaign. target specific clients and prospects with our super-IP targeting process.

Your direct mail campaigns work harder for you when your customers see targeted banner ads at the same time they receive your mailer. Maximize your leadgen campaigns by coupling direct mail with digital marketing efforts. Our proprietary tools help you unlock 30-60% response increases by serving digital ads in sync with direct mail efforts.

Extend your marketing budget.

Expand the reach of your direct mail efforts by adding IP Marketing to your channel mix. Our proprietary process matches your customer street addresses with IP addresses in our database. We then serve digital banner ads directly to your best customers. This allows you to combine your online and direct mail promotional efforts to increase response rates.

Make it even easier for your customers to connect with you online.

You may feel like the digital ad world is more like the Wild West. It’s chaotic and haphazard at times. Rolling the dice with your precious marketing budget doesn’t always feel right. You want to minimize your risk and improve your connections with customers. IP Marketing is a great way to resolve your budget gambling and connect with your best customers online.

It seems too good to be true…

Our proprietary technology matches a digital location (IP address) to your customer’s physical street address with a 95% accuracy rate. Once a digital signature is matched to a street address, we serve your banner ads to these specific customers via top sites like MSN’s home page, CNN, Wall Street Journal, etc., without the use of cookies. United Mail can help you define and target your B2B and B2C prospects with email, banner ads and direct mail and increase your response rates.

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