Personalized URLs

Response rates for direct mail with personalized URL’s (pURLs) are nearly double compared with traditional pieces. Americans prefer to receive a marketing piece in their mailbox and respond to that piece online.

Digital Marketing Tools Customize Content to the Individual

Customers and prospects who log onto their own personalized web pages see content based on prior behavior, life stages, segmentation, and demographics.  As these prospects view products, read, play videos, browse, click and purchase online, their activities are fed back in real-time to our clients via an online dashboard. These PURLs appear on your direct mailing piece with a URL such as “” Customers can fill out a survey to give you individual information, including their email for follow up newsletters. Contact us today for more details!

PURLs Features and Benefits

  • PURLs connect the mailbox to the inbox and to the web.
  • PURLs create a personalized webpage that is pre-filled for the recipient.
  • Web pages can change based on the recipient’s engagement on the landing page.
  • Cut reply mail postage by as much as 63%.
  • Real-time access to the data collected from the PURL campaign.
  • Data that is being collected is “fresh data” and can be used for faster follow-ups.
  • IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) can automatically activate an email blast.
  • PURLs have the ability to track all visitors…even those that don’t respond.
  • PURLs can automate future mailings based on specific customer responses.
  • A PURL landing page can connect directly to a client’s website, landing page, or survey.
  • PURLs can be embedded in QR codes, synchronizing with United Connect for multi-channel marketing.

Examples of our work:

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