History & Leadership

United Mail is a direct marketing company rooted in mail, data analytics, and variable-print. Founded in 1980, United Mail’s directive has remained unchanged: to enrich connections between companies and their audiences. With locations in Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH, United Mail serves small-to-medium businesses and Fortune 500 companies nationwide. With more than 120,000 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space, 250 employees, an expansive logistics network, and an array of traditional and digital services, United Mail delivers on the promise of relevant and meaningful communications at any scale.

Our Team

Although we’ve seen most everything, we never assume anything. That’s because every client, and every client’s challenges, are unique.

Tom Clines United MailTom Clines
Chief Executive Officer, United Mail, LLC

Tom joined United Mail in 1992 as Executive Vice President/CFO, was promoted to President in 1999, and to CEO in 2009.
Chase Kirkwood United MailChase Kirkwood
President, United Mail, LLC

Chase has over 20 years of experience at United Mail. He has worn many hats over the years.
Jeff Reist United MailJeff Reist
President, United Mail Ohio, LLC

Jeff joined the United Mail team in 1995 as General Manager of the Cincinnati, Ohio operations.
Casey Hendrick
President, United Mail Sorting, LLC
Casey worked for United Mail from 2006 to 2013, and was brought back on as the President of Sorting in 2015. He has served as the COO with Sourcelink, and has been in the printing and mailing industry for 15 years.
Anna Knue United MailAnna Knue
Vice President, Sales, United Mail, LLC

Anna has spent 21 years in the mailing industry – the last 17 at United Mail.
Beth Brown United MailBeth Brown
Sales Executive, United Mail, LLC

Beth has been with United Mail for 11 years and has over 25 years experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry.
Doug Prater United MailDoug Prater
Sales Executive, United Mail, LLC

Doug has 10+ years experience in the mailing and fulfillment industry and joined United Mail in 2010.
Richard Janzen United MailRichard Janszen
Sales Executive, United Mail, LLC

Richard joined United Mail in May of 2009 and has over 33 years experience in the mailing industry.
Randy Runk United MailRandy Runk
Sales Executive, United Mail, LLC

Today, Randy boasts 25 years experience in the mailing industry, along with several years in the advertising agency and magazine publication business.
Jack Sutter United MailJack Sutter
Sales Executive, United Mail, LLC

Jack joined United Mail in May 2009 and brought over 39 years experience in the printing, mailing and fulfillment industry.

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